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Personal and professional development in English and Hungarian for busy entrepreneurs and mompreneurs.

Monika Fischer

I graduated as an English and Serbian studies major 15 years ago, I am an English as a Second/Foreign Language secondary school teacher. Since I have already done research during my university years, my mentors have encouraged me to apply for a PhD scholarship in Theoretical Linguistics. As part of my training I was asked to give lectures and seminars, which I enjoyed very much, especially the big lectures in front of 100-150 students...

After finishing the PhD course I applied for a postgraduate course in translating and interpreting. It was a two-year long, extremely intensive course, full of challenges, yet rather rewarding.

I have spent the last 10 years working as a full-time translator. Since translating (similarly to writing) is a very lonely profession, I realised I missed real-time, personal connections I was able to develop with my students. I was never a language teacher in the classical sense, my classes were always more focused on retaining motivation and creating a safe space for discussing language learning difficulties and obstacles. In other words, the methodology of teaching and learning was always more important to me than the actual teaching of grammar and vocabulary.

This line of thinking led me to coaching, more specifically language coaching. I decided to study coaching within a formal framework, and when I came across Lili Polgár's online coach course I realised this is what I have been looking for for the last 4-5 years (since I got familiar with coaching). This approach became my primary focus and Lili’s professionalism is so inspiring that I have just enrolled in my third course. My ultimate aim is to facilitate small and medium-sized enterprises owners and mid- to senior level executives to study business English via discussing business coaching topics. In other words, I am offering a 2in1 solution for busy entrepreneurs wishing to develop professionally and personally while also practising their language and developing their language skills.


Translation and review

Translating and reviewing to and from English, Hungarian and Serbian languages. Language corporate audit in order to achieve a unified linguistic image of the company. Project-based translation process with similar quality assurance as provided by a translation agency.


Language coaching

Facilitating language learning and acquisition with a coaching approach. Self-confidence boosting through topics of personal interest, which then leads to greater motivation in language skills development in other topics, too.


Life and business coaching

A coaching process of 4-6 occasions, focused on a particular topic with a particular goal set by the coachee. As a consequence, the coachee develops a growth mindset that allows the client to use the methods applied in the process to solve problems on an everyday basis.

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